• Ohio State Barber Board
  • Ohio Barber Schools Association
  • Approved for Veterans Training
  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Private Industry Council



Students may enroll and start training on any Tuesday of any week as long as there is an opening in the College. Classes are held five days per week. The 1,800 clock hour course required for graduation takes approximately 11 months to complete for full-time students who attend eight hours per day, forty hours per week, for 48 weeks.

After a student has completed the required 1,800 clock hours and the account has been settled in full, the necessary paperwork to take to the Ohio State Barber Board test will be completed and immediately sent to the State Barber Board. The Board will then schedule the testing date and forward the date to the individual.



We understand that not everyone can attend on a full-time basis because of home or job responsibilities. However, we do admit a select number of applicants to attend part-time if schedules can be arranged without creating difficulties for either the College or the students. If you need a part-time schedule, an interview must be arranged to discuss scheduling alternatives. A full 8 clock hour on Saturday is one of the requirements.


Admission Requirements & Procedures:Curriculum

Each student must have a high school diploma (or its equivalent) and be 17 years of age or older. Credit will be given for previous barber training when approved by the Ohio State Barber Board and evaluated by an instructor to determine how much credit is to be given.

Upon acceptance, all students must submit the following to the College:

  • A copy of his/her birth certificate
  • A high school diploma and or State accredited G.E.D.
  • A $40.00 blank money order for State registration
  • 3 – Current photos: 3.5 in long x 2.5 in. wide


Definition of a Clock Hour:

A “clock hour” is defined as 60 minutes of class, lecture or studio session, with a ten minute break between sessions.