Akron Barber College

Regular and punctual attendance is required. 

The development of good business practices
is important. Daily attendance is recorded for each student, and this becomes part of the
student’s permanent file. Students cannot exceed 48 clock hours of absence in any given two-
month period. If the limit is exceeded, the student may be dismissed. If unusual circumstances
prevail, the student is given an opportunity to correct the situation. If no improvement is made,
the student training will be interrupted. A documented excuse is required for any and all 
absences. If continued tardiness and/or absences continue, all training will be interrupted and the student will be dismissed.


Leave of Absence:Classroom

A student may take only one leave of absence during his/her enrollment. It may be for a minimum of one week up to 60 days for personal reasons, or up to six months for medical reasons. A medical leave of absence can only be granted for a student’s personal medical problem. Adequate medical documentation must be supplied at the time of the request. All leave of absence requests must be in writing, and must be approved by the Director of Education. A leave of absence may not exceed 100 days.



Students will be penalized one hour for each instance of tardiness. Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated and will be treated in the same manner as excessive absences. If the problem continues, the student will be dismissed.



Students are required to conduct themselves as professional persons at all times and to treat the customers with courtesy and respect. Students are expected to respect the rules and regulations of the College. Cell phones, I-Pods, and any type of personal electronic devices are not allowed on school premises. Students will be dismissed if this policy is violated. Good manners should always be observed (especially with the public), students who fail to do so, will have their training discontinued.


Personal Appearance:

A students dress and appearance shall fall within the general limits of cleanliness, good grooming and proper taste. Students must wear a uniform consisting of a clean white smock, black slacks and black shoes at all times, both in theory class and in the Clinic/Shop. Jeans are not permitted. Socks or nylons must also be worn at all times.


Graduation and Diploma:ABC_widget03

When a student completes his/her 1800 clock hour course, he/she must successfully pass an examination given by the instructor in order to graduate. Each student receives a diploma from the College in recognition of completion of the Barber/Styling training program.


Placement Services:

Akron Barber College, Inc. does not guarantee employment to its graduates, but will assist them in locating employment. A current list of available positions is accessible to our graduates. We are proud of our placement record and the successes of our graduates.